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Student Parents

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our website for student parents – the one stop shop for all parents currently studying. Find help, advice and others to talk to all in one place.

We are all students ourselves, with friends at university with children. We have witnessed first-hand how difficult it can be to balance babies and books, and so thought we’d set up a website to lend a virtual hand to those who need it.

We know there are websites out there where you can speak to experts, who can tell you how to manage your money, or give practical advice, but we wanted to create a space where you can speak to others who know what you’re going through on a more personal level, and share advice and experience. We wanted to expose what life as a student parent is really like and the problems that are faced everyday. This website is to give student parents a voice.

It’s also a chance to meet up and socialise with others, arrange events and share photo’s and stories. Overall, this website is a place for you, so if you have any suggestions of what you want out of this site, please contact us and let us know.

The Student Parents’ Team.