Does Stress affect my baby?

Student Parents looks into what effect too much university work for you could have on your child.

Studying can be stressful enough without having to worry about what its doing to your child as well, but the fact is, our stresses can influence a child’s behavioural development. (more…)


On the Rise

What does the tuition fee rise mean for you?

It seems mature students are the most turned off by the higher tuition fee’s that are coming into effect this year. Are you thinking twice about higher education? How do you think tuition fee rises will effect student parents in the future?

Get in touch to let us know if.

In the mean time here is an interesting article on the topic from the guardian.

Tips for studying

When you’re surrounded by other students without parents, or other parents that aren’t studying, it can sometimes make you feel you’re on your own.

We thought this website might be helpful, some mum’s have given tips and advice from their experiences of being a student parent.

Case Study – Milly Ingram

I spoke to Milly Ingram who gave birth to Ivy-Rose – now 20 months old – when she was 16.


Money Money Money

As I am sure you will be aware Parliament voted to change the fee system in England from 2012. Therefore if you are applying to go to university this year, the system is considerably different to what it was previously.

Here are a few useful pointers on student finance that have come from the super helpful people at (more…)

The Pushchair Problem

21 year old Martina, living in London, tells me how she faces problems traveling to university in the morning, because people do not like her having a buggy on the bus. (more…)