Case Study – Milly Ingram

I spoke to Milly Ingram who gave birth to Ivy-Rose – now 20 months old – when she was 16.

During her pregnancy, Milly was taking her GCSEs and managed to pass all ten of them. In fact, she had to take most of the exams in her dining room and was in labour for one of her maths papers – but still managed to get a C.

Relentlessly determined to get her qualifications, she went against advice to take her Drama exam (she was 8 months pregnant at the time) and ended up with a highly commendable C grade. And Milly hadn’t quite finished school when she gave birth so, when Ivy-Rose was two weeks old, she went back to finish the academic year. She then took a year out to concentrate on being a mother but was soon back in education.

Milly had been studying a Health and Social Care course but found that it wasn’t for her so is currently in the process of transferring to another course – one where she can take Ivy-Rose with her. Milly is pregnant again but is not letting that stop her pursuing her education. She says that her new course is ideal because it’s very flexible and has excellent crèche facilities. She will study up until her unborn baby’s birth and plans to go back when the baby is about a month old. Her course tutor has also said she can send her work – just in case things don’t work out as planned – so she doesn’t fall behind.

After she finishes her college studies, Milly hopes to go on to either Bedfordshire or Bournemouth University to study midwifery. She eventually wants to specialise in teenage pregnancies.

Milly says that being a mother and continuing to study has been really difficult. She lives on her own and can only do coursework once Ivy-Rose is in bed but, she says, as her daughter gets older she is more able to entertain herself so Milly can get more work done.

As well as studying and bringing up a baby, Milly works part time in order to earn a little extra money to save for her future. Milly was in foster care before moving out at 15 and so her course and necessary items for Ivy-Rose are paid for by social services, which is a great help.

Milly advises other young parents to follow her lead and carry on with their education – not only for the academic benefit. She says that as a young mother, it’s very easy to become isolated and that getting time to socialise with other people while learning really helps. Most of her friends with children have followed her advice – many of them already study (or are looking in to it) or are enrolled in apprenticeships.

Good luck Milly!

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