Baby birthdays on a budget!

Everyone knows Birthday’s are expensive. Not only are there all the presents to buy, there’s also the party planning involved! If the pressure to host the perfect birthday for your little one is too much, follow these links, and listen to the advice of Jo, who runs a baby clothing store, about birthday presents.


Huggies, have written up some handy hints on planning birthdays, birthday cards, and birthday invitations:

The people at Baby Center have some great ideas about how to host a birthday for as little as possible:

Jo, who runs Maman Bebe baby clothing store in Exeter, told Student Parents about buying gifts for babies:

“When the child is really young, they are often more interested in the wrapping paper than the actual present. I threw a huge first birthday for my son, with lots of guests who bought all sorts of gifts and he spent the whole time playing with a wine cooler! You might feel guilty that you can’t spend much on your child, or that the gift you bought isn’t as good as the gift someone else bought, but this shouldn’t worry you. Parents spend on their children throughout the year, and often end up buying them presents at other times. At such a young age, children can feel overwhelmed with too many toys, so there is no need to bombard them on their birthday. In fact, the birthdays are often for your benefit. It doesn’t matter if  you don’t host a birthday at all, or if you just have your parents and a couple friends round for tea, that can often be more special for you than a big bash anyway.”

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