Is Breast always Best?

Being a new mother is stressful at the best of times; but for those also juggling further education, bringing up a baby can be a daunting and scary prospect. With the endless streams of conflicting information and advice, one area that seems especially confusing to first time mothers is breastfeeding.


Case Study- Diane Teeling


Be prepared for blood, sweat and tears, mother of three Diane Teeling warns prospective student parents – but she wouldn’t want to put them off.








Diane is studying a combined degree in Comparative and English Literature part-time, and and has completed the first half of the diploma stage. She left school with ‘O’ levels and CSEs. After studying for an HNC in Business Studies at night school she then had various jobs, including working as a Fraud Liaison Officer for the Unemployment Benefit Office.

Student Parents Experience: UK versus Denmark

Support for student parents in Britain seems to be hit and miss. There
are significant differences between how British universities cater for students with children. Research by Brunel University  casts a light on the experiences of student parents in Britain in a series of comparisons between institutions in the UK and their counterparts in Denmark.


Baby Exercise

Ever thought about taking your child to a group exercise class, but didn’t know what to expect? Lucky for you, Student Parents went to visit a baby yoga class in Islington to find out. We also spoke to Kenzie, a child physio who has given loads of advice on exercise to do with your baby at home.


Case Study – Leigh Somerville

Leigh and Lucy

As a student myself, I can barely manage to get through my mile-high pile of assignments; meet my deadlines and make it to lectures just about on time. For Leigh Somerville, that would be a piece of cake. Not only does she study at college; she has a part-time job and a 5 year old daughter, Lucy. Perhaps the word ‘multi-tasking’ was designed for lifestyles like Leigh’s.


Case Study- Kayla Puleston

Image Kayla Puleston fell pregnant in year 11, just before her GCSEs started. She was determined to carry on with her education and therefore took one of her exams when she was 38 weeks pregnant and completed the others with a newborn baby.

Post Natal Depression – confronting the truth

Post natal depression is a type of depression some parents can experience after giving birth. The NHS estimate that 1 in 10 mothers suffer from PND. Other reports show that this number could be even higher. The symptoms of PND can appear within the first four to six weeks after childbirth but could develop up to several months afterwards. The World Heath Organisation compared depression with angina, asthma, arthritis and diabetes and concluded that depression affects a person’s ability to function up to 50% more than another of the other four conditions.

Case Study – Rosie Page

Rosie Page became pregnant at the age of 15 when she was just starting to study her GCSEs. Rosie was pregnant throughout her exams, she says she managed to attend every single exam – and she ended up with 6 GCSEs which were graded at either B or C grade. After her GCSEs, Rosie went to college to study Media – and stayed there until her son was born. (more…)

Case Study- Lucy Rayner

 Lucy, 23, is currently studying Media and Psychology at Kingston University. She had her son Archie at the age of 19 whilst studying for her ‘A’ levels. Watch the clips to learn about her experiences of being pregnant at college and a student parent.

College and Pregnancy


Audio Slideshow – Carley Armstrong

Audio Slide Show from Rebecca Tyers on Vimeo.

Katie Storry interviews Carley Armstrong about being a student parent and working in the media.

Edited by Rebecca Tyers