Case Study – Rosie Page

Rosie Page became pregnant at the age of 15 when she was just starting to study her GCSEs. Rosie was pregnant throughout her exams, she says she managed to attend every single exam – and she ended up with 6 GCSEs which were graded at either B or C grade. After her GCSEs, Rosie went to college to study Media – and stayed there until her son was born.

She says she knew that straight after she gave birth, she wanted to take some time out of education in order to bond with her – ‘to witness his first smile, word, and step’.

When Rosie’s son was a year old, she decided it was time to go back to education; She found out that her local baby group ran a course in childcare and so she decided to enroll on that.

Rosie says that her educational aim after her current course is to become a midwife. She says that she wants to get involved with a course in midwifery as soon as she possibly can so that she can fulfill her goals at a young age.

She says she finds juggling studying and parenthood to be quite a challenge. She says her son demands a great deal from her and that she can only study while he is asleep.

Rosie doesn’t get much funding for her studies but says she doesn’t struggle as her parents aim to buy her all of her necessary equipment.

She says that she would most definitely encourage other young mothers to stay in education – ‘[doing so] gives you a separate life from the one you have with your child, enables you to aim for a better job and helps you know that you’re trying to make your life – and that of you child – better’.

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