Daddy Mac – Ant the Super Student Dad

While most students spend their first year cutting the apron strings, sleeping in till lunchtime, and being sick Ant Macintosh, a Social work student from Manchester was cutting an umbilical cord, having sleepless nights and mopping up baby sick.

“My girlfriend Kat became pregnant on our gap year. We’d been travelling around Thailand and Cambodia for 6 months. It was the trip of a lifetime but we brought back more than we had bargained for. Kat was pregnant.”

Out of the Blue

Whislt traveling around Thailand they picked up an unexpected souvenir

“It was totally unexpected; Kat had been on the pill so we didn’t think it was a possibility. We have put it down to food poisoning, but it was the best dodgy Thai green curry ever .”

Ant is very candid about how his little girl Alexa came into existence. He says his sense of humour has got him through some difficult moments, “ It was a major shock, I was getting ready to start uni, looking forward to meeting new friends, going out on the lash all the time and really getting involved in all of the fun extra stuff that comes with working like a beast for 3 years.”

Daddy Depression

I’m going to be honest with you, I was really depressed for a while, when Kat was pregnant I was so confused. I felt like my life was slipping away. My mates wound me up constantly but we were 19 year old guys. Imagine the inbetweeners, that was us.”

However, Ant soon snapped out of this dark phases when Kat went into labour. “We were watching hot fuzz and eating a pizza. I’d been out for a mate’s birthday the night before so I was pretty hung-over. We thought we had two weeks left before the baby was due so we were not ready at all.”

Like a Duck to Water

“Once in the hospital things started to come naturally. I can’t explain what and how I was doing things but I just seem to know. Kat was amazing too, she was so calm.”

As soon as I saw Alexa I knew it didn’t matter how my mates had been teasing me, or being  one of the lads at uni. I had something better, something more rewarding and mind blowing than any fresher’s party or student night. I was a Dad!

Ant and Kat decided to make a compromise. Kat would follow Ant to Uni and would decline her place to study in Nottingham and reapply to Manchester a year later. Then in his second year Ant would defer his studies for a year so Kat could start her Biology degree.  In the end this didn’t happen. It started out ok but I really didn’t want to stop studying, I was worried if I got out of the rhythm I would struggle to go back, plus I wanted to be finished so I could get a job quicker. I knew we couldn’t live off hand outs from family and student loans forever.”

“We decided we would both study at the same time. By the time second year started Alexa was one so we sent her to a local nursery and she seemed to love it.  This is no different to if we both had jobs.”

Worth the Work

Ant is just about to finish his third year and has been applying for jobs with Manchester social services. “I want to work with children, I love my little girl, she means the world to me. I know some kids have really difficult times so the chance to work with them and help then if my perfect job. Children are the future and they bring so much joy.”


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