Student Parents: A Legacy

For many Student Parents, university can be quite a lonely place. Whilst the main focus of most students will be where the next night out will end up; those with children have priorities that most 18-21 year olds haven’t even begun to comprehend. We spoke to student parents who told us how important sharing advice and experiences with others ‘in the same boat’ is to feeling part of the student community.

So, Student Parents traveled to Leeds to talk to one university where the student parents group was thriving.

Saskia Hopkins-Middleton, founder of the Leeds Student Parent Assembly tells us more about her first experiences as a student parent and her struggles forming the first student parents group.

Student Parents also spoke to Josina and Helen, who took over Saskia’s Student Parent Assembly. It then became the student parent society, which it remains today. They host numerous events and fundraisers, and we caught up with them at this year’s Easter party. They told us about how they struggled taking on the task of running a society, but why they chose to continue the legacy.

Lillie and Robyn

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