Top Toys 2012

Rather like puppies, children’s toys are not just for Christmas. While retailers usually go wild trying to get their products on competitive ‘top toy’ lists during the festive season, the directories – which arguably influence parents on what to buy their children – disappear again come January.

However, Christmas is only a one-off occasion – what about all the birthdays, Christenings and Bar Mitzvahs throughout the year? What should parents and relatives stuck for present ideas buy for children even when December 25th is not approaching?

Hopefully, this will be particularly useful for all you student parents far too busy doing assignments to research suitable toys.

Here is the definitive list of the post popular toys of 2012 (so far)…





‘Doggie Doo’ is being marketed as a ‘disgusting’ toy, one which entertains while preparing children for the realities of looking after an actual animal. Players take turns to throw the dice and squeeze the dachshund’s lead which creates some plasticine ‘poo’ – the winner will have collected three of these ‘poos’. ‘Doggie Doo’ is a vulgar game – but suitable for a certain type of child and certainly very popular in 2012.

RRP £22.99
2. Fijit Friends is an interactive toy which responds to its ‘owner’s’ voice, movements and music. The alien-looking toy, which comes in a range of cheerful colours, will dance and talk to children and hence will be suitable for a younger audience. RRP £54.99
3. The Fireman Sam ‘Pontypandy’ set would be suitable for lively children of all ages. It comes with rescue opportunities that real firemen would have to deal with such as a fire, a man with his head stuck in a fence and a cat stuck in a tree. Although this toy is marketed at boys, it would be great fun to any child with a effervescent imagination. RRP £29.99
4. The ‘Kidizoom Twist’ is a children’s version of a real camera. It has 2 megapixels, a twisting lens and is far more interactive than the average camera. It has a zoom, flash and a colour screen as well as a voice recording function which makes it perfect for the budding photographer. RRP £49.99
5. Tablet computers are all the rage this year and LeapPad understand that children don’t just want to play with their parents’ iPads. They’ve come up with the ‘Explorer’, a tabled which comes with a camera built-in. It’s being build as really interactive, great fun and a learning aid, which means it’s probably suited to older children – and certainly more smash-proof than ‘adult’ tablets. RRP £79.99
6. ‘Let’s Rock Elmo’ was hugely popular over Christmas 2011 and has kept up its momentum this year too. Sesame Street favourite Elmo is dressed up in a ‘rock star’ outfit and is aimed towards pre-school-age children. The toy will sing with its ‘owner’ and is marketed as an exciting, interactive experience. RRP £69.99
7. Emotion Pets have launched ‘Milky the Bunny’, a rabbit toy who is billed as ‘real and loveable’. Milky moves his face, ears and body in a ‘realistic’ way and comes with a toy carrot which he ‘eats’. His most popular feature (according to my source, seven-year-old Jim) is his snoring sounds when he falls asleep. Milky is perfect for under tens who can’t have a real pet. RRP £59.99
8. Lagoona Blue is the latest in a long line of ‘Monster High’ characters to be launched by Mattel. She is a ghoulish doll who comes with her own ‘Hydration Station’ playset. She has pale blue skin – not like your average doll – and would suitable for the quirkier little girl. RRP £69.99
9. Surely every child in the country must have heard of Moshi monsters by now. The tiny, collectable creatures have recently taken the toy-world by storm. The ‘Moshling Treehouse’ is being sold as ‘a happy home for your moshlings’ and can store a large number of Moshi monsters. The plastic treehouse comes with a free figure called Roxy which will delight even the most avid collector of the tiny creatures. RRP £22.99

The ‘Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster’ is perfect for older boys and tomboys alike. It is effectively a toy gun but keeps children safe from harm by only shooting foam discs – it’s fun but not dangerous and perfect for the summer ahead.

RRP £42.99


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