Case Study- Katy and Emma Lodge: Studying sisters

Lily and Ollie Lodge, the son and daughter of Katy and Emma.

Katy and Emma Lodge are two sisters who both have experiences of being student parents. Both fell pregnant around the same time; Katy was studying in her second year at Plymouth University and Emma was in the army, but left to study her A levels. Both Katy and Emma spoke to Student Parents to discuss their experiences, the separate challenges they faced at different stages of education, and how they went through it together.


Guest Post: Your Questions put to Cheryl Wood

For parents currently studying at University; one of the greatest worries is the impact having a child early will have on their future career. Speaking to the Leeds University Student Parent Community at their Easter Party in March, many expressed a wish to hear from someone who had “been there, done that” who could share their experience of what life is like for a student parent after graduation. I asked you to send it your questions (thanks to those you got in touch) and have taken them to Cheryl Wood who was a student parents during the mid-80s. Here, she answers your questions and shares her experience of what it was like being a student parent and how it has affected her career path.

Case Study Revisited: Greer Harris

Student parents revisited Greer Harris to see how she was getting on…

Case Study: Ezinwanyi Udechukwu

 I find the idea of motherhood a daunting prospect. I can hardly imagine what it must be like for Ezinwanyi Udechukwu, who came to study in the UK from Nigeria already pregnant, and is now raising her newborn son thousands of miles from family and friends back home. Bringing up a baby is hard enough; add onto that a degree and the fact that you are in a foreign country with little family support, to me seems like a near impossible task. 

Friends, family and teachers: What do they think?

You may often wonder what’s really going through the minds of your friends, family and teachers when you become a student parent. Luckily for you, Student Parents found out! We spoke to Kitiara, whose friend and housemate fell pregnant while studying at university, Siada, whose husband

Kitiara and baby Lily

moved to England to study, and a teacher and lecturer of studying parents. (more…)

Guest Post- Lucie Patch

Before having my son Sam I had just done cash in hand jobs like bar work and waitressing.   I always intended to go to university so never bothered to look for a ‘proper’ job thinking I would get one after uni.  As for my education, I studied for my GCSE’s and then went on to study my A-Levels of which I did three in Law, English and Sociology.  I intended at the time to go on to study law at uni but did not get on with my A-Level Law teacher which really put me off.  I was going to go straight into uni from school but decided at the last minute to take a year out and it was in this year that I became pregnant.

Case Study- Kaniz Chowdhury

Kaniz and Kaysam

Kaniz Chowdhury is studying a Masters in Science at Leed’s university. She has one son, Kaysam. Kaniz told Student Parents about the many issues she’s faced, including childcare, and her son becoming ill during her January exams.

‘I love being a student parent, but it is also very challenging. There is very little support and studying has not been easy!’


Case Study- Josina Maynard

Josina has been President of the Leeds student parent society for the last two years. She had two sons before coming to university, Alex and Dexter. Hear her story here.

Lillie and Robyn

Case Study- Helen Lakomska

Helen ran the Student Parent Society at Leeds University last year. She has a daughter named Lilka. She shared her story with Student Parents.

Lillie and Robyn

Case Study- Claire, a Real Mother in Law

Legal exams are a walk in the park compared to having a baby according to Student Parents case study Claire.

Claire, a Law student from south London explains to student parents how she has coped with her law degree and single-handedly raising two children.