Coming Up! New Student Parent Report

For the past two years, Marie-Pierre Moreau and Charlotte Kerner have been conducting a study funded by the Nuffield Foundation as part if its Student Parents and Women’s Educational Programme. The aim of the study is to shed light on the experiences of student parents, and to focus on how the policies of universities have affected their lives as students. With the report soon to be published, Marie-Pierre has spoken to Student Parents to  give us a sneak preview of her findings, with further details to be announced in the coming weeks.  (more…)


Kitiara’s poem

Kitiara’s friend and housemate, Katy, fell pregnant in her second year of University. Kit wrote a poem for her, which we thought you may like to read:

-Kitiara Pascoe

Kit also spoke to us about her thoughts on Katy’s pregnancy. Read the post here.

Top Toys 2012

Rather like puppies, children’s toys are not just for Christmas. While retailers usually go wild trying to get their products on competitive ‘top toy’ lists during the festive season, the directories – which arguably influence parents on what to buy their children – disappear again come January.

However, Christmas is only a one-off occasion – what about all the birthdays, Christenings and Bar Mitzvahs throughout the year? What should parents and relatives stuck for present ideas buy for children even when December 25th is not approaching?

Sleep like a baby

You have exams looming, an essay due in tomorrow, a seminar to prep for and your exhausted. To top it off you have a baby that wants to do anything but sleep.

What do you do?

A. Cry and scream louder than your baby

B. Give up now

C. Watch this cute video and use the sleeping tips to get your little bundle of joy sleeping like, well, a baby

Video from Youtube

Baby Food Recipes

Ever wondered what goes into your shop bought baby food? Well, now you don’t have to!

Christine Albury, a mother of five, has set up her own blog on baby food recipes. She explains everything from how to make it and store it in an easy and quick way, at what age you should be feeding your baby different food, and loads of healthy and tasty recipes for your little one to enjoy!

The recipes are the mother’s own, so if you have any worries about what is right for your baby’s diet, she suggests consulting a doctor before using the recipes.

Check out her website Homemade baby recipes here.

Happy cooking!

More tips for studying

Student Parents has found some more tips for students with children. Bright Knowledge website offers lots of helpful advice on student life for anyone in education, but we found this, which we hope will be some help to you.

Baby birthdays on a budget!

Everyone knows Birthday’s are expensive. Not only are there all the presents to buy, there’s also the party planning involved! If the pressure to host the perfect birthday for your little one is too much, follow these links, and listen to the advice of Jo, who runs a baby clothing store, about birthday presents.


Tips for studying

When you’re surrounded by other students without parents, or other parents that aren’t studying, it can sometimes make you feel you’re on your own.

We thought this website might be helpful, some mum’s have given tips and advice from their experiences of being a student parent.