Olympic Baby Tickets – Have you got yours?

Olympic Babies and their tickets from Rebecca Tyers on Vimeo.

You might have your tickets for the Olympics, but have you got one for your baby? The Olympics Committee have now confirmed that everyone attending the games must have a ticket – including babes-in-arms.

We asked local parents in West Ham how they felt about this latest ticket scandal.

Reported by Katie Storry. Edited by Rebecca Tyres.


Case Study Revisited: Greer Harris

Student parents revisited Greer Harris to see how she was getting on…

Does your union do enough for you?

Student parents can often be overlooked as a section of the student community, and yet as a group are most at risk of feeling isolated. Juggling studies, childcare and all else that comes with raising a child; getting involved in the activities offered at the union is probably one of the last things on their mind. Yet, it is the role of the student union to incorporate and help all members of the student body. So Student Parents decided to find out which student unions in the UK are best for offering peer support to student parents.


Student Parents: A Legacy

For many Student Parents, university can be quite a lonely place. Whilst the main focus of most students will be where the next night out will end up; those with children have priorities that most 18-21 year olds haven’t even begun to comprehend. We spoke to student parents who told us how important sharing advice and experiences with others ‘in the same boat’ is to feeling part of the student community.

Case Study- Josina Maynard

Josina has been President of the Leeds student parent society for the last two years. She had two sons before coming to university, Alex and Dexter. Hear her story here.

Lillie and Robyn

Case Study- Helen Lakomska

Helen ran the Student Parent Society at Leeds University last year. She has a daughter named Lilka. She shared her story with Student Parents.

Lillie and Robyn

Sleep like a baby

You have exams looming, an essay due in tomorrow, a seminar to prep for and your exhausted. To top it off you have a baby that wants to do anything but sleep.

What do you do?

A. Cry and scream louder than your baby

B. Give up now

C. Watch this cute video and use the sleeping tips to get your little bundle of joy sleeping like, well, a baby

Video from Youtube

Tida Mercedes – Full time Masters student and full time Mum

Tida is currently studying for a Masters whilst also raising her 8 year old daughter. After falling pregnant as an undergraduate Tida was enrolled in full time education for most of her daughter’s early years and has now returned to studying. She has some experienced advice for those parents out there thinking of going back to education and the main problems that need tackling.

Tida Mercedes – from Rebecca Tyers on Vimeo.

Is Breast always Best?

Being a new mother is stressful at the best of times; but for those also juggling further education, bringing up a baby can be a daunting and scary prospect. With the endless streams of conflicting information and advice, one area that seems especially confusing to first time mothers is breastfeeding.

Baby Exercise

Ever thought about taking your child to a group exercise class, but didn’t know what to expect? Lucky for you, Student Parents went to visit a baby yoga class in Islington to find out. We also spoke to Kenzie, a child physio who has given loads of advice on exercise to do with your baby at home.