Guest Post: Your Questions put to Cheryl Wood

For parents currently studying at University; one of the greatest worries is the impact having a child early will have on their future career. Speaking to the Leeds University Student Parent Community at their Easter Party in March, many expressed a wish to hear from someone who had “been there, done that” who could share their experience of what life is like for a student parent after graduation. I asked you to send it your questions (thanks to those you got in touch) and have taken them to Cheryl Wood who was a student parents during the mid-80s. Here, she answers your questions and shares her experience of what it was like being a student parent and how it has affected her career path.


Kitiara’s poem

Kitiara’s friend and housemate, Katy, fell pregnant in her second year of University. Kit wrote a poem for her, which we thought you may like to read:

-Kitiara Pascoe

Kit also spoke to us about her thoughts on Katy’s pregnancy. Read the post here.

Guest Post- Lucie Patch

Before having my son Sam I had just done cash in hand jobs like bar work and waitressing.   I always intended to go to university so never bothered to look for a ‘proper’ job thinking I would get one after uni.  As for my education, I studied for my GCSE’s and then went on to study my A-Levels of which I did three in Law, English and Sociology.  I intended at the time to go on to study law at uni but did not get on with my A-Level Law teacher which really put me off.  I was going to go straight into uni from school but decided at the last minute to take a year out and it was in this year that I became pregnant.

Hot Topic! Student Parents needs you!

Whilst attending the Leeds University Student Parent Easter Party, I asked a group of student parents what advice and information they would most like to know, that could not be provided by their union or university support officer. Overwhelmingly, I was told by those in the group, that they worried about how their decision to have a child early would effect their career path. They told me how they would like to hear from former student parents about how they coped and how having a baby whilst studying effected them in life after university.

Luckily, we have found a former student parent, Cheryl Wood who is at hand to share her experience and advice with Student Parents. Before I conduct an interview, I would like to ask you, the student parents of today, what you would like me to ask Cheryl on your behalf. Do you have any burning questions you want answered? Currently at the beginning of a 3 year degree and want some top tips?

Well then get in touch! This is your chance to ask a former student parent anything you like!

You can contact Student Parents via email, twitter or facebook…just check out our Contacts Page.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Have your Say: Student Parents getting extra marks


Words of Wisdom on Children’s Teeth

Caring for your children’s teeth seems simple; give them a healthy diet, make sure their teeth are cleaned twice a day and take them to a dentist on a regular basis. But these basic steps are fraught with frustration and battles.  Student Parents spoke to Deborah King, a dental hygienist with over 25 years experience looking after people’s teeth. She has written a guest post for student parents, on how to keep your baby or young child’s teeth clean and healthy.

‘Hi, I am Deborah King. I trained as a dental therapist, and at that time specialised in children’s dentistry.’


Guest Post- Anne Patch on her experiences of being a student parent

Looking back, studying for my degree as a mother of two doesn’t seem like a struggle but yes, I think it was at the time. My daughter was 12 when I started and my son had left home. I also had two part-time jobs, and money was incredibly tight. The only way I could complete all the work was to stay up and work through the night one night a week. 

Straight Talking

Straight Talking is a charity set up to help and advise pregnant teenagers. But the classes, which are run by student parents, mainly cover topics such as abortion and why, as a teenager, you shouldn’t get pregnant. Student Parents spoke to Hilary Pannack, who set up the programme in 1997. We wanted to know why she thought students shouldn’t be parents. 

Are Universities under an obligation to provide childcare for student parents?

On the Rise

What does the tuition fee rise mean for you?

It seems mature students are the most turned off by the higher tuition fee’s that are coming into effect this year. Are you thinking twice about higher education? How do you think tuition fee rises will effect student parents in the future?

Get in touch to let us know if.

In the mean time here is an interesting article on the topic from the guardian.