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We know student parents have very little press coverage, this is one of the reason we wanted to create this blog in the first place. However, we thought it might be helpful to create a page with press cuttings on student parents and articles which maybe interesting, insightful or just entertaining for you.



 Nursery teachers fall highlighted

8th May
Unions and parents accuse councils of undermining standards in nurseries by employing fewer teachers and more nursery nurses.

 Parents ‘more involved in school’

6th May
Parents believe that they are more involved in their children’s education than their own parents were, a survey suggests

More school ‘no aid to happiness’

5th May 2012
Staying in education longer may make a person smarter, but it may not make them happier, new research suggests.

New opera aimed at toddlers

3rd May 2012
Scottish Opera launches a production for toddlers which uses sound, texture and smell to introduce its young audiences to the opera.

Science exams easier, Ofqual says

1st May 2012
GCSEs and A-levels in geography and science are easier than they were 10 years ago, the exams watchdog Ofqual warns.

Marriage breakdown ‘is a scourge’

1st May 2012
Family breakdown is one of the “most destructive scourges” in modern UK society, says High Court Judge Sir Paul Coleridge as he launches a campaign to champion marriage.

Teens ‘should try out teaching’

1st May 2012

Sixth-formers should be given a chance to try out as teachers so that the brightest and best are encouraged into the profession, say MPs.


UK university joins US admissions

30th April 2012
Keele University has become the first English university to join the Common Application system for university applications in the United States.

Universities facing new shake-up

27th April 2012
A body representing UK universities has warned it is vital that government plans do not end up reducing overall student numbers in the sector.

Rules tightened on exam seminars

27th April
The exams regulator halts seminars on specific GCSEs and A-levels in England after claims unfair information was being passed on.

A-level sciences ‘lacking maths’

27th April
A-level science exams do not contain enough maths to allow students to study the subjects at university, say experts.

Dundee top for student experience

26th April

A survey says students at Dundee University have the best experience of university life in the UK.

Junk food ‘still placed at tills’

25th April
Supermarkets stand accused of undermining parents’ attempts to feed their families healthily by continuing to place junk food near checkouts.

More teenagers stay in education

23rd April
More teenagers are choosing to stay on in full-time education, which Careers Wales advisers describe as encouraging in the current economic climate.

Outdoor play ‘makes a come back’

23rd April
Research suggests outdoor play is becoming more popular as parents seek cheap ways to entertain their children.

Universities ‘doubled senior pay’

20th April
Leading universities doubled their spending on senior staff in less than a decade, a report claims.

Work experience fair access call

19th April
The quality of work experience is strongly linked to future career paths – but needs to rely on more than well-connected parents, says a report from heads and employers.

More top-grade university places

18th April
One in four university places is expected to be kept available for top-grade A-level applicants this year.

‘Pushy parent’ syndrome in ancient Rome

17th April

Life for Roman children expected to support the family

Could docking benefits cut truancy?

16th April
Child benefit should be docked if parents fail to pay fines for persistent truancy by their children, a government adviser has suggested.

Child’s play ‘not easy’ after all

13th April
UK parents are suffering a crisis of confidence when it comes to playing with their children, suggests a survey.

Oxford reassures Indian students

12th April
Oxford University chiefs are trying to reassure prospective overseas students not to be put off by visa rule changes.

Young homeless ‘underestimated’

12th April
The level of young homelessness in the UK is underestimated by more than two-thirds of Britons, a survey suggests.

Economy blamed for uni drop-outs

11th April
The number of students dropping out of universities rises, with one university vice-chancellor blaming the economic downturn.

Rise in child care applications

11th April
The annual number of applications from local councils in England to take children into care has exceeded 10,000 for the first time.

Placements help apprenticeships

11th April
An inspiring work experience placement while still at school is crucial to a successful apprenticeship according to Ofsted.

National graduate survey launched

10th April
Citizens Advice Scotland is launching a national online survey of recent graduates who are struggling to find work.

Teachers back anti-test campaign

8th April
Teachers in the NUT union vote to ballot for a boycott of a new phonics reading test if its results are used in league tables.

Teaching unions back more strikes

7th April
The two biggest teachers’ unions, the NUT and NASUWT, vote for strikes which could hit schools across the UK this summer and autumn.

Teachers face pupil online abuse

7th April
Social networking websites are being used to threaten and make false allegations against teachers, according to a teachers’ union.

Watchdog backs A-level overhaul

4th April
Academics and teachers back a return to more traditional A-levels, with pupils sitting fewer “module” papers throughout their course, a study finds.

‘Hotels on campus’ student plan

4th April 2012

Universities are spending millions on new buildings as they compete to attract students – including campus hotels, an overseas student village and better beds, claims a survey.

‘University A- levels’ challenged

3rd April 2012

Plans to let universities dictate the content of A-level papers are welcomed by the exam regulator – but accused of being a “quick-fix gimmick” by teachers.

Universities run catch-up classes

3rd April

A-levels need to be more stretching to prepare pupils for university, suggests research.

Gove ‘wants new set of A-levels’

2nd April 2012
Education Secretary Michael Gove sends a letter to examinations regulator Ofqual in which he says universities should create a new set of A-levels.


Fewer places in most universities

29th March 2012

Most universities in England are going to have fewer places to offer students this year, as the funding changes in higher education are implemented.

Student admissions change dropped

28th March 2012
Plans to allow students to apply for university places after they receive their A-level grades have been dropped.

Oxford develops digital textbook

26th March 2012
Oxford University’s Internet Institute has published its first digital, interactive textbook for students – which will also be free to the public.

Who rules the roose in classrooms?

26th March, 2012
Every generation seems to think school children are more badly-behaved and less respectful but not everyone agrees the pendulum of rights has swung too far towards children.

Concern over nusery staff skills

24th March 2012

A review of qualifications for nursery staff and childminders in England has highlighted concerns about literacy and numeracy skills among workers.

£100 million University research pledge from Chancellor

21st March 2012

George Osborne has announced a £100 million fund to boost University research in the UK through private sector involvement

Manchester wins University Challenge

20th March 2012

The University of Manchester became the champions of University Challenge for the 3rd time in just seven years.

Surge in demand for law degrees despite tuition fee hike

19th March 2012

More sixth-formers are applying to study law at University, as a sharp hike in tuition fees pushes students towards courses that result in well-paid jobs. this comes despite an overall drop in higher education applications nationally.

 New University bursaries tell students what to spend their money on

19th March 2012

Universities are putting strict conditions on what bursaries can be used for in a bid to control resources.

 Call for ‘family-friendly’ Budget

17th March 2012
A family charity calls on the chancellor to avoid delivering what it calls a “break-up Budget”.

Protests set for suspended student

16th March 2012

Students and staff at Cambridge University will demonstrate on Friday against the suspension of a student for his part in a protest last November.

Dutch universities recruit in the UK

15th March 2012
A group of Dutch universities is touring schools in England this week with the aim of recruiting students to study in Holland.

A schoolboy’s guide to the budget

14th March 2012

Students from Newcastle School For Boys take a light-hearted look at the Budget, but find out George Osborne is less well known than Simon Cowell among their fellow pupils.

Students stage a day of action

14th March 2012

Students in England are staging a national day of action to protest against government changes to higher education.

Primaries to rise to 1000 pupils

14th March 2012

A growing number of primary schools will have 1,000 pupils or more – as extra classes are added to cope with a rapid increase in the birth rate.

Benefit blows for single mothers

13th March 2012
Single mothers will lose thousands of pounds under planned changes to the benefits system, the charity Save the Children claims.

Overseas students ‘to increase’

13th March 2012

The number of overseas students in UK universities will rise by a further 10% this decade, says a study for the British Council.

Russell Group adds universities

12th March 2012
Four more universities are joining the Russell Group of leading universities – Durham, Exeter, Queen Mary, University of London, and York.

Uni boss warns over places loss

10th March 2012

A university’s vice-chancellor warns it stands to lose 10% of its student places despite a big increase in applications for its courses.

‘Safety poor at 1,000 nurseries’

9th March 2012
Poor safety at around 1,000 nurseries, pre-schools and childminders in England may put children at risk, figures suggest.

Parents back junk food advert ban

7th March 2012
Many parents would like to see a ban on the advertising of unhealthy foods and sugary snacks before the 2100 watershed, a survey for the Children’s Food Trust suggests.

Warning over child benefit cuts

7th March 2012
Changes to child benefit payments will leave many parents cutting back on vital necessities, the Child Poverty Action Group warns.

Graduates ‘take low skilled jobs’

6th March 2012
Recent graduates are more likely to be working in lower skilled jobs than they were 10 years ago, new figures from Office for National Statistics suggest.

Councils paid to boost parenting

6th March 2012
Councils which get more mothers breastfeeding and improve parenting skills are to get extra funds under a trial

The Danish approach to childcare

2nd March 2012
As the number of unemployed women in Britain approaches 1.1 million, both Labour and the coalition government are looking at ways to revamp Britain’s childcare provision.


Child Mental health service boost

29th February 2012
The government in England has said it will invest £22m in child mental health services to help deliver more counselling and talking therapies to young people.

Teen pregnancies at 40-year low

28th February 2012
Latest data shows the teen pregnancy rate in England and Wales has reached its lowest since 1969.

How toddlers teach troubled teens

28th February 2012
How toddlers help teens stay in education and avoid pregnancy

Childcare costs ‘hit families hard’

27th February 2012
BBC Radio 5 live spoke to the chief executive of the Daycare Trust, which has done research into childcare costs.

‘Childcare cost rise risks jobs’

27th February 2012
Some parents could be forced out of work and into poverty as the rising cost of childcare outstrips wage rises, says a report.

Degree course ‘cut by a quarter’

23rd February 2012

There has been a 27% drop in the number of full-time undergraduate degree courses offered at UK universities over the past six years, data shows.

Student loan penalty is dropped

 23rd February 2012
There will be no extra charge on students who want to pay back their loans early after they graduate, Business Secretary Vince Cable has confirmed.

Firms paid to help jobless teens

21st February 2012
Firms and charities are to be offered a payment-by-results scheme to try to get 55,000 “Neet” teenagers in England into work, education or training.

Religious education ‘a priority’

17th February 2012
Religious education in schools in England is important and should be protected according to a newly formed group of MPs.

Student loan penalty ‘abandoned’

16th February 2012
Plans to impose penalties on students who pay off university loans early are to be abandoned, the government is expected to announce next week.

London ‘second best study city’

15th February 2012
London has come second, beaten only by Paris, in a ranking of the world’s best cities for students.

‘We’re taking your child away- now’

13th February 2012
How decisions are made about taking children into care

UK children are ‘culture starved’

10th February 2012
Millions of British children have never been to an art gallery, theatre or stage show, a study shows.

Parents warned over CRB proposals

9th February 2012
Parents should teach their children about the risk of paedophiles, a minister has said as he defended plans to ease Criminal Records Bureau checks.

Parents ‘need childcare cash aid’

8th February 2012

UK parents should be able to spread the cost of childcare over as many as 20 years, according to a think tank.

The power of cooking skills

7th February 2012
How letting children cook helps them eat better

Education ‘risk factors’ listed

7th February 2012
A study suggests a quarter of today’s UK children are living in families with two or more risk factors to their educational development.

Work contacts ‘cut dropout rate’

5th February 2012
The more young people come into contact with employers the less likely they are to drop out of school and become unemployed, research suggests.

Pupils learn how to ‘fail well’

5th February 2012
A top girls’ school is planning a “failure week” to teach pupils to embrace risk, build resilience and learn from their mistakes.

Universities warned over access

3rd February 2012

The incoming fair access watchdog says universities will be fined for failing to recruit more students from poorer backgrounds.

Children’s access rights pledge

3rd February 2012
Children are to get legal rights to maintain relationships with both their parents, as part of a shake-up of the family justice system.

Most new apprentices are over 25

1st February 2012
More than two-thirds of the apprenticeships created in England in the past five years have gone to the over 25s, a report from spending watchdog shows.


Child protection scrutiny boosted

31st January 2012
From May all inspections of child protection services will be unannounced and last two weeks.

University application down 9%

30th January 2012
University applications have fallen more sharply in England than in Scotland, as admissions service figures reveal the impact of higher tuition fees.

Lords reject child support plans

25th January 2012
The coalition suffers its biggest defeat in the Lords since being elected over plans to charge single parents to use the Child Support Agency.

Lammy: Axe current smacking law

24th January 2012
David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, tells website Mumsnet parents should be allowed to smack their children without the fear of facing jail.

Volunteers to boost outdoor play

20th January 2012
An army of volunteers is needed to help children play safely outdoors, say campaigners.

Could we see more private universities?

19th January 2012
Buckingham is the UK’s only officially independent university, which sets its own fees, and there are calls for more like it.

Science questions ‘stump parents’

19th January 2012
With more children into science and maths, parents are increasingly feeling left behind, suggests a survey.

New food advice for under-fives

16th January 2012
Guidelines on nutrition for pre-school children are published in an effort to reduce obesity in the under-fives

More students given top degrees

12th January 2012
More students at UK universities are being awarded firsts and upper second class degrees, new figures show.

Wonga backs down on student loans

11th January 2012
Payday loan company Wonga removes pages from its website after it was branded “incredibly irresponsible” for targeting students.

Graduate jobs ‘going to interns’

11th January
More than a third of jobs for new graduates are taken by people who have already had work experience with that employer, suggests research.

Child poverty hotspots revealed

10th January 2012
Action is needed to tackle “shameful” levels of child poverty in parts of Scotland, campaigners urge.

Labour urges a longer school day

5th January 2012
Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg calls for the school day to be lengthened to prepare pupils for the world of work.

University application late surge

4th January 2012
There has been a late surge in university applications for the UK, Ucas says, but total numbers are still down on this time last year.

Tax changes ‘will hit families’

4th January
Families with children will be hardest hit by the government’s tax and benefit changes aimed at cutting its deficit, a charity argues.

Fuel help urged for poor families

4th January
Energy companies are being urged by the charity Save the Children to do more to help British families struggling to heat their homes this winter.

Children ‘hit by lack of routine’

3rd January 2012
Research suggests children who grow up without a daily routine of set bed and mealtimes do worse at school.


PM vows ‘problem family’ action

15th December 2011
David Cameron outlines plans for a network of “troubleshooters” to give more focused support to England’s most troubled families.

Student loan firm’s fraud alert

14th December 2011
The Student Loans Company is ringing customers to tell them they are at risk of having their details “compromised” by fraudsters.

Students ‘turn to prostitution’

14th December 2011
Greater numbers of students in England are turning to prostitution to fund their education, the National Union of Students claims.

Fees ‘may mean fewer scientists’

7th December 2011
Changes to university funding could reduce the number of people getting qualifications in science, technology and engineering, MPs are told.

‘Traditional’ family not typical

6th December 2011
Fewer than a fifth of people believe they are part of a traditional family, according to research by a new think tank.

Universities fee changes approved

2nd December 2011
Universities have had last-minute changes to their fee packages approved, leading to a £13.8m reduction in bursaries and scholarships for poor students.

UK students switch to US universities

2nd December 2011
US universities are facing a surge in interest from students in the UK. A leading independent school predicts one in four pupils will enrol there.


University applications down 13%

28th November 2011
UK universities appear to be facing a slump in applications ahead of the first year of higher fees, the university admissions body says.

£1bn scheme targets young jobless

25th November
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says a £1bn plan to provide subsidised work and training placements will “provide hope” to thousands of young people.

Mothers ‘fear playgroup cliques’

24th November
Worries about being ignored by unfriendly parents are more likely to put off deprived parents from playgroups than cost or location.

Warning over child poverty in UK

21st November
The Children’s Commissioners for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are warning that child poverty could rise.

Concern over youth unemployment

16th November
Education unions urge ministers to put youth unemployment top of the political agenda, as the jobless total for 16 to 24-year-olds hits a record of 1.02 million.

What students think of university fees

14th November
English sixth form students have more to worry about than just results as they consider the impact of higher university tuition fees.

MPs call for student plan delay

10th November
Plans for universities in England to compete for some student places should be delayed, MPs on a Commons committee have said.

Parents ‘read with children more’

9th November
Parents in England and Northern Ireland spend more time reading to their children, but tiredness and stress still get in the way, a survey finds.
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