Social Media – How it has revolutionised parenthood.

It is no secret that the internet has changed people’s lives. It’s altered how we interact with each other, how we do business and how we study.  The internet has also had an interesting effect on parenthood.  For student parents out there, long distance studying is now possible thanks to institutions such as the Open University.  However its not just studying that the internet has made easier for parents. Statistics show that parents, and in particular Mums are now some of the top social media bloggers.
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Case Study: Ezinwanyi Udechukwu

 I find the idea of motherhood a daunting prospect. I can hardly imagine what it must be like for Ezinwanyi Udechukwu, who came to study in the UK from Nigeria already pregnant, and is now raising her newborn son thousands of miles from family and friends back home. Bringing up a baby is hard enough; add onto that a degree and the fact that you are in a foreign country with little family support, to me seems like a near impossible task. 
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Friends, family and teachers: What do they think?

You may often wonder what’s really going through the minds of your friends, family and teachers when you become a student parent. Luckily for you, Student Parents found out! We spoke to Kitiara, whose friend and housemate fell pregnant while studying at university, Siada, whose husband

Kitiara and baby Lily

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Kitiara’s poem

Kitiara’s friend and housemate, Katy, fell pregnant in her second year of University. Kit wrote a poem for her, which we thought you may like to read:

-Kitiara Pascoe

Kit also spoke to us about her thoughts on Katy’s pregnancy. Read the post here.

Ear Piercing and children – your choice or their choice?

Ear piercing in children is a hot topic of debate amongst most parents. Whilst some are happy to have their child’s ears pierced when they are toddlers others wouldn’t t let their child get a piercing until they are well into their teens and some parents prefer to wait and see if their child wants to have their ears pierced.  So what is the right decision for your child?
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Guest Post- Lucie Patch

Before having my son Sam I had just done cash in hand jobs like bar work and waitressing.   I always intended to go to university so never bothered to look for a ‘proper’ job thinking I would get one after uni.  As for my education, I studied for my GCSE’s and then went on to study my A-Levels of which I did three in Law, English and Sociology.  I intended at the time to go on to study law at uni but did not get on with my A-Level Law teacher which really put me off.  I was going to go straight into uni from school but decided at the last minute to take a year out and it was in this year that I became pregnant.
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Does your University offer the childcare you need?

One aspect that can be a particular worry of parents heading off to university is childcare. Especially for those who will be living away from their friends and family; finding childcare that suits you can be vital. So, Student Parents decided to find out which universities in the UK are best for offering childcare support to student parents.

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Case Study- Kaniz Chowdhury

Kaniz and Kaysam

Kaniz Chowdhury is studying a Masters in Science at Leed’s university. She has one son, Kaysam. Kaniz told Student Parents about the many issues she’s faced, including childcare, and her son becoming ill during her January exams.

‘I love being a student parent, but it is also very challenging. There is very little support and studying has not been easy!’

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The Student Parent Stigma

At student parents we have been lucky enough to meet some really inspirational parents who are driven, passionate, loving and determined to make a great life for themselves and their little ones However, it seems not everyone is so in awe of their achievements and stigmatization is a constant problem student parents have to face.

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Top Toys 2012

Rather like puppies, children’s toys are not just for Christmas. While retailers usually go wild trying to get their products on competitive ‘top toy’ lists during the festive season, the directories – which arguably influence parents on what to buy their children – disappear again come January.

However, Christmas is only a one-off occasion – what about all the birthdays, Christenings and Bar Mitzvahs throughout the year? What should parents and relatives stuck for present ideas buy for children even when December 25th is not approaching?
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