Does your university offer accommodation for you?

Student Parents contacted the top 50 universities in the U.K. to try and find out which universities offer accommodation for students. Getting the results was tougher than we thought it would be, but here they are.

Click on each red tag to find out which university offers accommodation to student parents, how much they offer, at what price, and if childcare is on site.
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Hot Topic! Student Parents needs you!

Whilst attending the Leeds University Student Parent Easter Party, I asked a group of student parents what advice and information they would most like to know, that could not be provided by their union or university support officer. Overwhelmingly, I was told by those in the group, that they worried about how their decision to have a child early would effect their career path. They told me how they would like to hear from former student parents about how they coped and how having a baby whilst studying effected them in life after university.

Luckily, we have found a former student parent, Cheryl Wood who is at hand to share her experience and advice with Student Parents. Before I conduct an interview, I would like to ask you, the student parents of today, what you would like me to ask Cheryl on your behalf. Do you have any burning questions you want answered? Currently at the beginning of a 3 year degree and want some top tips?

Well then get in touch! This is your chance to ask a former student parent anything you like!

You can contact Student Parents via email, twitter or facebook…just check out our Contacts Page.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Does your union do enough for you?

Student parents can often be overlooked as a section of the student community, and yet as a group are most at risk of feeling isolated. Juggling studies, childcare and all else that comes with raising a child; getting involved in the activities offered at the union is probably one of the last things on their mind. Yet, it is the role of the student union to incorporate and help all members of the student body. So Student Parents decided to find out which student unions in the UK are best for offering peer support to student parents.

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Student Parents: A Legacy

For many Student Parents, university can be quite a lonely place. Whilst the main focus of most students will be where the next night out will end up; those with children have priorities that most 18-21 year olds haven’t even begun to comprehend. We spoke to student parents who told us how important sharing advice and experiences with others ‘in the same boat’ is to feeling part of the student community.
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Case Study- Josina Maynard

Josina has been President of the Leeds student parent society for the last two years. She had two sons before coming to university, Alex and Dexter. Hear her story here.

Lillie and Robyn

Case Study- Helen Lakomska

Helen ran the Student Parent Society at Leeds University last year. She has a daughter named Lilka. She shared her story with Student Parents.

Lillie and Robyn

Leeds Student Parent Easter Party

Ball pits, musical bumps and a free buffet were all part of the fun at Leed’s annual student parent Easter party! Though it was a long way from London, Student Parents made the trip to be part of what was a great day.

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Case Study- Claire, a Real Mother in Law

Legal exams are a walk in the park compared to having a baby according to Student Parents case study Claire.

Claire, a Law student from south London explains to student parents how she has coped with her law degree and single-handedly raising two children.
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The Cost of Childcare – a regional view

For most parents who wish to return to work or study after the birth of their children, childcare and its cost are one of the primary concerns in raising a child. But with the huge costs in childcare, stagnant wages and increased inflation, more and more parents are struggling to cope. Student Parents looked at an extensive survey conducted by Daycare Trust to find out about the cost of childcare in your region for 2012.
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Accommodation prices for student parents: Best and Worst

Student Parents have put together a list of the top 10 universities for price within the top 50 universities in the U.K. Looking at all the accommodation they offer, from studio apartments to 3 bedroom houses, these are the universities that offer the cheapest accommodation for student parents. To see the full list of university prices go to

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