Guest Post: Your Questions put to Cheryl Wood

For parents currently studying at University; one of the greatest worries is the impact having a child early will have on their future career. Speaking to the Leeds University Student Parent Community at their Easter Party in March, many expressed a wish to hear from someone who had “been there, done that” who could share their experience of what life is like for a student parent after graduation. I asked you to send it your questions (thanks to those you got in touch) and have taken them to Cheryl Wood who was a student parents during the mid-80s. Here, she answers your questions and shares her experience of what it was like being a student parent and how it has affected her career path.


Sleep like a baby

You have exams looming, an essay due in tomorrow, a seminar to prep for and your exhausted. To top it off you have a baby that wants to do anything but sleep.

What do you do?

A. Cry and scream louder than your baby

B. Give up now

C. Watch this cute video and use the sleeping tips to get your little bundle of joy sleeping like, well, a baby

Video from Youtube

Baby Exercise

Ever thought about taking your child to a group exercise class, but didn’t know what to expect? Lucky for you, Student Parents went to visit a baby yoga class in Islington to find out. We also spoke to Kenzie, a child physio who has given loads of advice on exercise to do with your baby at home.


Baby Food Recipes

Ever wondered what goes into your shop bought baby food? Well, now you don’t have to!

Christine Albury, a mother of five, has set up her own blog on baby food recipes. She explains everything from how to make it and store it in an easy and quick way, at what age you should be feeding your baby different food, and loads of healthy and tasty recipes for your little one to enjoy!

The recipes are the mother’s own, so if you have any worries about what is right for your baby’s diet, she suggests consulting a doctor before using the recipes.

Check out her website Homemade baby recipes here.

Happy cooking!

Case Study – Sophie and Phil Mason

Sophie and Phil met at York University in 2007. During their four years at University, they married and had baby Joshua. Phil is currently studying for a PhD at Hertfordshire University. They talked to Student Parents about their experience.


Case Study- Sarah Jones

Balancing being a student and a parent is a challenge to say the least, but for Sarah Jones the decision to raise her baby and to continue studying was a no-brainer.  Over a much needed coffee break Sarah told me why she took on the challenge and would never look back.Sarah overcame a huge challenge but she loved every minute

Baby birthdays on a budget!

Everyone knows Birthday’s are expensive. Not only are there all the presents to buy, there’s also the party planning involved! If the pressure to host the perfect birthday for your little one is too much, follow these links, and listen to the advice of Jo, who runs a baby clothing store, about birthday presents.


Are Dads really that bad?

Young fathers often get a bad reputation. They are seen as irresponsible and leave mothers to look after children by themselves, sometimes claiming not to be the father at all. But Student Parents look into what it’s really like being a student father, and the problems they face. (more…)

Does Stress affect my baby?

Student Parents looks into what effect too much university work for you could have on your child.

Studying can be stressful enough without having to worry about what its doing to your child as well, but the fact is, our stresses can influence a child’s behavioural development. (more…)

Case Study – Milly Ingram

I spoke to Milly Ingram who gave birth to Ivy-Rose – now 20 months old – when she was 16.