Does your University offer the childcare you need?

One aspect that can be a particular worry of parents heading off to university is childcare. Especially for those who will be living away from their friends and family; finding childcare that suits you can be vital. So, Student Parents decided to find out which universities in the UK are best for offering childcare support to student parents.



Case Study- Kaniz Chowdhury

Kaniz and Kaysam

Kaniz Chowdhury is studying a Masters in Science at Leed’s university. She has one son, Kaysam. Kaniz told Student Parents about the many issues she’s faced, including childcare, and her son becoming ill during her January exams.

‘I love being a student parent, but it is also very challenging. There is very little support and studying has not been easy!’


Does your university offer accommodation for you?

Student Parents contacted the top 50 universities in the U.K. to try and find out which universities offer accommodation for students. Getting the results was tougher than we thought it would be, but here they are.

Click on each red tag to find out which university offers accommodation to student parents, how much they offer, at what price, and if childcare is on site.

The Cost of Childcare – a regional view

For most parents who wish to return to work or study after the birth of their children, childcare and its cost are one of the primary concerns in raising a child. But with the huge costs in childcare, stagnant wages and increased inflation, more and more parents are struggling to cope. Student Parents looked at an extensive survey conducted by Daycare Trust to find out about the cost of childcare in your region for 2012.

Case Study- Lucy Rayner

 Lucy, 23, is currently studying Media and Psychology at Kingston University. She had her son Archie at the age of 19 whilst studying for her ‘A’ levels. Watch the clips to learn about her experiences of being pregnant at college and a student parent.

College and Pregnancy


Are Universities under an obligation to provide childcare for student parents?