Where do we fit in?

Student Parents looks into how students are classed by the government and university institutions, and how this affect student parents well being, and choices they make.

Do you find that there is never any support, advice or information out there that is specifically designed for you as a student parent at university?  Do you always get classed as a postgraduate, or mature student? When you are looking to fund your studies whilst being a parent, do you find there is nothing that is really tailored to your needs?

While you may not realise it, student parents face these problems every day, and the reason for this mainly comes from the fact there has been very little research into what student parents need. (more…)


Are Dads really that bad?

Young fathers often get a bad reputation. They are seen as irresponsible and leave mothers to look after children by themselves, sometimes claiming not to be the father at all. But Student Parents look into what it’s really like being a student father, and the problems they face. (more…)