Case Study- Katy and Emma Lodge: Studying sisters

Lily and Ollie Lodge, the son and daughter of Katy and Emma.

Katy and Emma Lodge are two sisters who both have experiences of being student parents. Both fell pregnant around the same time; Katy was studying in her second year at Plymouth University and Emma was in the army, but left to study her A levels. Both Katy and Emma spoke to Student Parents to discuss their experiences, the separate challenges they faced at different stages of education, and how they went through it together.


Case Study- Claire, a Real Mother in Law

Legal exams are a walk in the park compared to having a baby according to Student Parents case study Claire.

Claire, a Law student from south London explains to student parents how she has coped with her law degree and single-handedly raising two children.

Words of Wisdom on Children’s Teeth

Caring for your children’s teeth seems simple; give them a healthy diet, make sure their teeth are cleaned twice a day and take them to a dentist on a regular basis. But these basic steps are fraught with frustration and battles.  Student Parents spoke to Deborah King, a dental hygienist with over 25 years experience looking after people’s teeth. She has written a guest post for student parents, on how to keep your baby or young child’s teeth clean and healthy.

‘Hi, I am Deborah King. I trained as a dental therapist, and at that time specialised in children’s dentistry.’