Case Study- Claire, a Real Mother in Law

Legal exams are a walk in the park compared to having a baby according to Student Parents case study Claire.

Claire, a Law student from south London explains to student parents how she has coped with her law degree and single-handedly raising two children.


Case Study- Kyrsty Bonham

Kyrsty with fiance Pete and daughter Issy

We spoke to Kyrsty Bonham, who had her first daughter aged 21, while studying Law and Forensic Science. She tells us about how supportive Staffordshire University was, and how she has not had the same experience at her new university, where she is now studying a Masters.

Although Kyrsty was a student, her pregnancy was not unplanned. (more…)

Case Study- Sarah Jones

Balancing being a student and a parent is a challenge to say the least, but for Sarah Jones the decision to raise her baby and to continue studying was a no-brainer.  Over a much needed coffee break Sarah told me why she took on the challenge and would never look back.Sarah overcame a huge challenge but she loved every minute