Dealing with Exam Stress: Top Tips for Revision

It’s that dreaded time of year once again! Yes, exam season has officially arrived…don’t panic! There may be a screaming baby in the cot and a pile of revision a mountain high; but deep breathes, everything is manageable. You may feel overwhelmed at the moment, but with a few easy steps, you can get everything under control and achieve the grades you deserve (screaming baby or no screaming baby!) Here are some top revision tips to get you by.


Hot Topic! Student Parents needs you!

Whilst attending the Leeds University Student Parent Easter Party, I asked a group of student parents what advice and information they would most like to know, that could not be provided by their union or university support officer. Overwhelmingly, I was told by those in the group, that they worried about how their decision to have a child early would effect their career path. They told me how they would like to hear from former student parents about how they coped and how having a baby whilst studying effected them in life after university.

Luckily, we have found a former student parent, Cheryl Wood who is at hand to share her experience and advice with Student Parents. Before I conduct an interview, I would like to ask you, the student parents of today, what you would like me to ask Cheryl on your behalf. Do you have any burning questions you want answered? Currently at the beginning of a 3 year degree and want some top tips?

Well then get in touch! This is your chance to ask a former student parent anything you like!

You can contact Student Parents via email, twitter or facebook…just check out our Contacts Page.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Case Study- Lucy Rayner

 Lucy, 23, is currently studying Media and Psychology at Kingston University. She had her son Archie at the age of 19 whilst studying for her ‘A’ levels. Watch the clips to learn about her experiences of being pregnant at college and a student parent.

College and Pregnancy


More tips for studying

Student Parents has found some more tips for students with children. Bright Knowledge website offers lots of helpful advice on student life for anyone in education, but we found this, which we hope will be some help to you.

Tips for studying

When you’re surrounded by other students without parents, or other parents that aren’t studying, it can sometimes make you feel you’re on your own.

We thought this website might be helpful, some mum’s have given tips and advice from their experiences of being a student parent.