Coming Up! New Student Parent Report

For the past two years, Marie-Pierre Moreau and Charlotte Kerner have been conducting a study funded by the Nuffield Foundation as part if its Student Parents and Women’s Educational Programme. The aim of the study is to shed light on the experiences of student parents, and to focus on how the policies of universities have affected their lives as students. With the report soon to be published, Marie-Pierre has spoken to Student Parents to  give us a sneak preview of her findings, with further details to be announced in the coming weeks.  (more…)


League Tables – a help or hindrance?

Each year prospective students, academics, employers and university alumni alike all flock to view university league tables.

These tables and guides aim to provide a helpful insight into universities and how they are doing in comparison to one another. There are many versions including; The Times Good University Guide, The Guardian University Table, Hot Prospects and The Complete University Guide . Whilst they all aim to give an accurate portrayal of overall performance they often conflict with one another.

They are a constant bone of contention between universities and ranking rivalry is commonplace. This undoubtedly appeals to some primeval will to win but, is it really helpful?

The regular contradictions, the controversial criteria used and the mass of assumptions that are made when  compiling these tables leads us to question, Do they really tell us anything and do they really help students make a sound, fair and reliable choice?

Student Parents Experience: UK versus Denmark

Support for student parents in Britain seems to be hit and miss. There
are significant differences between how British universities cater for students with children. Research by Brunel University  casts a light on the experiences of student parents in Britain in a series of comparisons between institutions in the UK and their counterparts in Denmark.


Are Universities under an obligation to provide childcare for student parents?

Poll: Are Universities offering enough support to Student Parents?